Painted Human Skull Model with Brain 11 Parts SJNJR

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Model #: SJNJR
Brand: AEX
Grade: A

Product size: 20*17*22cm
Package size: 25*25*25cm
Packing weight: 2.3kg

The model consists of 3 parts of the skull model and the 8 parts of brain model, which consist of 11 parts, and the cervical and carotid arteries are made manually according to the 1:1 ratio of the human body.
The part of the skull (the sign of the muscles):
The half side skull is marked with color, the bottom of the muscle (red) and the attachment muscle (blue). This skull model realistically reproduces hundreds of anatomical details.
High-quality materials are made to restore the true skull structure.
The skull model is very strong and durable.
Highly accurate anatomical markers such as fracture and pore structure are displayed accurately.
The models can be divided into skull base, skull base, and mandible respectively.
The magnetic connection is easy to install and disassemble, which is convenient for teaching and use.
Part of the brain (with a digital sign)
Made of highly simulated PVC synthetic material, it is durable, precise anatomical structure and easy to locate. The central sagittal section of the model is divided into two parts, showing the structure of the brain.
The left and right sides can be decomposed into the forebrain parietal / temporal occipital lobe/half brainstem/half cerebellum.
With the skull logo, seven cervical vertebrae, cervical arteries, intervertebral discs, cervical nerves, and the brain are matched with corresponding digital instructions.
The anatomy of the skull is clear! The brain anatomy is 8 parts. It is more practical and beautiful by magnet adsorption and fixation. The skull can be divided into three parts, with a total of 11 parts.


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