Life Size Disarticulated Human Skeleton Model SJ101S

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Model #: SJ101S
Brand: AEX
Grade: A

Product size: high 170cm
Package size: 100*46*28
Packing weight: 13kg

Our medical skeletons are naturally shaped and assembled by hand.
It has all 200 kinds of human bones, and these bones are durable and washable.
A plastic that is not easily broken.

Model uses:
This model is suitable for middle school and medical colleges to explain the skeleton of the human body, to make students understand the relationship between bone scaffold and body, to understand the shape of different types of bone and the characteristics of bone surface and to make up the relationship of bone and joint.

Teaching content:
This model shows the male adult skeleton,
1. cranial bones: the skull is made up of 22 skulls, and the cranium is transversely cut. After that, the structures of the intracranial structures are shown, and the mandible can move.
2. spine: consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 1 sacral, 1 cocc, x and 23 intervertebral cartilage. And show four physiological curvature of neck, chest, waist and sacrum.
3. chest: 24 rib, 1 sternum, soft rib and part of the thoracic spine, forming the thorax.
The 4. pelvis is composed of sacrum, coccyx and 2 hips.
5. upper limb bone: consisting of 64 bones, the scapula and clavicle part of the shoulder strap are fixed on the chest. The free upper limbs are detachable, and the joints such as shoulder, elbow and wrist are free to move.
6. the lower limb bones are made up of 62 bones. The lower limbs are fixed to form the pelvis. The lower limbs can be detachable freely, and the joints of the hip and knee can move freely.

Material structure: all non-toxic and environment-friendly PVC plastics


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