Hand Skeleton Joint Model with Ligaments SJ126R

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Model #: SJ126R
Brand: AEX
Grade: A

Product size: 25*10*5cm
Package size: 25*20*20cm
Packing weight: 0.5kg

Imported PVC material, handmade string system

Hand bone: including carpal bones, metacarpal bones and phalanges.
1) the carpal bone (carpal bones), composed of 8 short bones, is divided into two columns in the far and near distance, and the proximal column from the lateral radius of the radius is in turn: the scaphoid, the moon bone, the triangulate bone and the pea bone. The distal side is mostly trapezium, small polyhedrosis, capitate bone and hook bone. The carpal bones form the carpal joints with the adjacent articular surfaces. The proximal scaphoid, lunate and triangular bones form the joints of the radial carpal joints, which are articulated with the articular surfaces of the lower ends of the radius.

2) the metacarpal bone (metacarpal bones): a total of 5 pieces, from the radial side to the ulnar side, followed by the L to 5 metacarpal bones. The metacarpal bone belongs to the long bone. The proximal side is called the base of the metacarpal bone, the proximal carpal bone, the distal end is called the metacarpal bone, and is articulated with the phalanges. When the fist is clenched, the palmar bone is exposed subcutaneously.

3) phalanges (phalanges offingers): 14 in total, two in the thumb, 2~5 in three, and proximal phalanges, middle phalanx, and phalanges.
Distal phalanx. The proximal end of the phalanges is the bottom, the middle part is the body, and the distal end is the trochlea. The distal part of the distal phalangeal bone has no trochlea. Its palmar surface has rough protuberance, which is called the distal phalanx (trochanter).


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