Deluxe 85cm Life-Size Dual Sex Torso Model 27 Parts TQ85G

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Model #: TQ85G
Brand: AEX
Grade: AA

Product size: high 85CM
Package size: 92*35*45cm
Packing weight: 15kg

Esophageal and thoracic aorta design

This product uses German craftsmanship
Mainly for medium and high-end professional customers

This torso shows the complete respiratory system, digestive system, urinary (male, female) reproductive system, open right half of the skull, and the entire back, showing the complete central nervous system, the entire lung can be removed, showing, complete transverse

Teaching content

It shows the position of the internal organs and the shape and structure of the head anatomy, and shows three systems of breathing, digestion, and urinary.
The right side of the head and neck shows the structure of the skull, masseter, diaphragm, etc. There are eyeballs in the eyelids, sagittal section in the head and neck, cranial cavity to accommodate the right hemisphere of the brain, and 12 pairs of cranial nerves on the ventral side of the brain, showing the nasal cavity, The orthodontic and larynx showed the larynx, the larynx, the glottic fissure, and the parathyroid gland behind the lateral thyroid.
The two lungs in the thoracic cavity show the structure of the lungs, and the heart is coronally dissected, indicating the structural similarities and differences between the left and right atrioventricular compartments. The heart vessels have superior and inferior vena cava, pulmonary arteries and veins, and the aorta, for explaining the circulation of blood circulation.

27 components are specifically:

Brain-1 component
Eyeball - 1 part
Lung---4 parts
Tracheobronchial -1 parts
Esophageal and thoracic aorta - 1 component
Heart - 2 parts
Liver-1 component
Kidney section - 1 part
Pancreas and spleen duodenum -1 parts
Stomach - 2 parts
Large and small intestine -1 parts
Cecal section -1 part
Men and women exchange genitals - 8 parts
Section 12 thoracic spinal cord --1 parts
Torso main body - 1 part

Product size 87*33*26CM

Production of environmentally friendly PVC refined molds


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