Atherosclerosis thrombosis cardiovascular Vascular Model HJX003A

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Atherosclerosis model

Atherosclerosis is a common and important type of vascular disease called arteriosclerosis. It is characterized by thickening and loss of arterial wall

Elasticity and lumen shrinkage, because the appearance of lipids accumulated on the intima of the arteries is yellow atherosclerosis, it is called atherosclerosis. Mainly involved in large and medium

The clinical manifestations of the arteries are mainly the symptoms of the affected organs.

In order to facilitate communication between doctors and patients and teaching demonstrations, our company specially designed and developed this product, which is more graphic display, which is convenient for users to demonstrate and demonstrate.

Four periods of atherosclerosis

(1) Asymptomatic or subclinical: The length of the process varies from early pathological changes until atherosclerosis has formed, but there is no clinical manifestation of organ or tissue involvement.
(2) Ischemic phase: Symptoms of organ ischemia due to stenosis of blood vessels.
(3) Necrotic phase: The manifestation of organ tissue necrosis due to occlusion of the lumen due to acute thrombosis in the blood vessel.
(4) Fibrosis period: long-term ischemia, atrophy of organ tissue fibrosis and cause symptoms.


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