Classic Heart Model 1:1 Life-size 2 Parts HJ141

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Model #: HJ141
Brand: AEX
Grade: A

Product size: 28*12*12cm
Package size: 30*20*20cm
Packing weight: 0.7kg

Shows the normal morphological structure of the heart, arteriovenous and valvular structures.

Model structure: The model is about 1:1 in the adult heart and is in a diastolic state. Place on the bracket according to the normal physiological position of the human body.
Cross-cut along the root of the pulmonary artery, showing the internal structure of the left and right atrium and the pulmonary artery, claiming the semilunar valve. Perform a longitudinal oblique cut along the atrium to show the internal structure of the left and right ventricles.
The right atrium shows the superior and inferior vena cava, the inferior vena cava, the coronary sinus coronary sinus valve, the egg garden fossa and the right atrioventricular port; the right atrium shows the left and right lung electrostatic pulse and the left atrioventricular port.
The right ventricle shows the upper iliac crest, tricuspid valve, arterial cone, wrist, papillary muscle, meat column and pulmonary valve; the left ventricle shows the mitral valve, chordae, papillary muscle, meat column and active valve.
Show room spacing and room spacing.
It shows an increase in the external morphology of the heart and related blood vessels and sub-branches.
Tube status, anterior and posterior interventricular sulcus; showing auricle, myocardial fiber, heart vortex, cardiac incision, fat and arterial ligament, left and right, coronary artery and its branches; showing coronary sinus and its branches; showing ascending aorta and aortic arch The branches; the superior vena cava, the inferior vena cava, and its branches; the pulmonary veins and pulmonary arteries.
The left and right ventricular walls of the model and the pulsating face along the artery are detachable


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